A Musical Tutorial - Customer Feedback

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My wife has used your computer music program for years with her students. She owes you a BIG thank you for your work on that program. It has been a great assistant to her - both as students wait - but more to sharpen their note reading, recognition - her "diagnosis" - do they really know their notes? ... Since I am not the musician, I suppose I'm leaving out a lot. She has peripheral poly neuropathy - walks with a walker - and has no feeling in her feet or hands - so playing piano is difficult - but she is a good teacher.

You have been very kind to us. I worry that her computer will fail and then probably the program is lost as she tends to lose things - but A Music Tutorial is far - by far the most helpful program she has ever purchased - I'm not sure she even uses any other - and she has purchased others. I hope you are well.

Thanks again!

I am a network engineer, have been in the computer network world since the mid 70s (before there was a "PC.") Consequently, I have a strong belief that someone who puts energy and effort into a software product should be paid for their time, their "blood, sweat and tears..." Your software impressed me. The treble drill has really helped me to begin to learn to read music, and I appreciate that. I am now actually able to tell what key a song is in as a result of using your treble key module.

I have printed out the registration form and will send it to you along with a check for $24.95, which I feel is a bargain. When you receive my check, you can email me the unlocking code. I wish you well, and hope that you intend to keep working on this fine instructional product. It certainly has helped a beginner like me. Thanks for your help and for a very useful tool...


I love your program, A Musical Tutorial, and it has benefited many of my students in the studio. I have given some of them your web site and hope they will use your program. A little note to the side. I have a couple of mentally challenged adult students who I have started using your program with and they are learning much quicker with it.

Again thanks.

This is my new email: ????????@aol.com. Thanks, I love the "A Musical Tutorial" program.


I just wanted to say that your music tutorial program is the best I've seen yet...I mean leaps and bounds ahead of the others...very nice...also, can I download it for mac too?


We love your musical tutorial. We've been using the shareware version for a while and the kids stick with it and gather around to play it together. What I like about it so much is the games are straightforward; you don't have to listen to a lot of rattling on by animated characters just to get through the game.

Neither of my children play the piano but there is plenty of music theory for a violinist and a flutist. I plan to recommend it to other parents at their music schools.


I thank you for your honesty! Large companies could learn a thing or two from you. Your replies have always been prompt and courteous.

Again, thank you for your help.


I just showed your Music Tutorial program to a fellow piano teacher and she thought it was great. Only thing, she has a Macintosh. She is not on the internet. Can she purchase discs for her Mac?


Thank you for your prompt replies to my queries. Now that I have the full program I am finding new ways to use it. One student's progress has improved 100% just for the chance to play with your space shuttle musical game. He has been taught the solfa system and I have trouble finding books that use this method never mind Computer programs. This makes us doubly grateful for your inclusion of the Do Re Mi's in your Music Tutorial.


I purchased Music Tutorial and we love it. Iíve upgraded my computer several times and if there is an update for Tutorial that would be great. I love your product and so does our son.

Thank You,

I love the Musical Tutor. Please hurry and send my order, $25.00 is enclosed. If you come up with anything else similar, please put me on your mailing list.


Feels great when I see Canadians with lots of brains. Your program is excellent, especially the music at the beginning. Letís keep in touch.


I downloaded your excellent program from the piano education page. Thanks for satisfying all my desires as a piano teacher for ear training, note reading and the more fundamental aspects of Music Rudiments. Here is my $24.95 for registration.


I love your program, both for teaching and for learning more myself. I am especially interested in training my ear.


Please send me the latest version of ďA Musical TutorialĒ. I am a piano teacher and Iíd like to compliment you on your software program. Itís user friendly, yet very educational.


Thank you very much for your reply to me. I have been trying for 2 years to obtain software for my 2 young children ages 8 & 9 who have been taking piano lessons since they were 5 years old There is absolutely nothing to assist them with there music on the computer. We enjoy your program very much and find the Music Symbol game a great way for them to learn music symbols. Thank you very much and keep up the good work.

Mrs. Jones

Very nice program! Iím excited to access the full program. I am a piano student and teacher.


I have enjoyed trying out your program for some of my piano students and I am pleased with the content of information.


Thanks! Itís a great program! Thanks Ė Thanks! Looking forward to using the rhythm exercise.


Thank you for your great piano program! Itís what Iíve been searching for since I was a kid, but just didnít know it. Now, maybe Iíll really be able to learn to play.